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Präzises digitales Messschieber-Messgerät

Präzises digitales Messschieber-Messgerät

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Technische Spezifikationen:

Material: Edelstahl
Messbereich: 0–150 mm/ 0–6 Zoll
Auflösung: 0,01 mm/0,0005 Zoll
Genauigkeit: ±0,02 mm/0,001 Zoll
Wiederholgenauigkeit: 0,01 mm/0,0005〞
IP-Schutzgrad: IP54
Batterie: 3V CR2032 Lithiumbatterie
Betriebstemperatur: 0℃-40℃/32-104℉


Halten Sie den Bremssattel sauber und trocken. Sobald Flüssigkeit in das elektronische System gelangt, führt dies zu Funktionsstörungen.
Bitte verwenden Sie weiche Baumwolle mit etwas Benzin, um die Oberfläche des Bremssattels zu reinigen. Verwenden Sie keine organischen Lösungsmittel wie Alkohol oder Aceton.
Verwenden Sie zum Markieren keinen Elektrostift, da Sie befürchten, dass der Chip des Bremssattels beschädigt wird. Üben Sie niemals äußere Kräfte aus, um den Bremssattel zu beschädigen.
Wenn der Messschieber längere Zeit nicht verwendet wird, nehmen Sie bitte die Batterie heraus, um ein Auslaufen der Batterie zu vermeiden. Verwenden Sie nur CR2032-Batterien.
Bitte bewahren Sie den Messschieber an einem trockenen und sicheren Ort bei Raumtemperatur auf, vermeiden Sie direkte Sonneneinstrahlung und außerhalb der Reichweite von Kindern. Verwenden Sie diesen Bremssattel niemals unter Wasser.

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Customer Reviews

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Solid, All Metal, Thick and Heavy, Operates Smoothly--With Nice Case.

Scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the best.✅ FUNCTION (10 of 10): Measuredbutton cell batteries accurately.✅ DESIGN (10 of 10): Heavy stainless steel and all metal construction. Very hefty.✅ FIT, FINISH, QUALITY (10 of 10): Feels very high quality, smooth, thick.OVERALL RATING: 10 out of 10DETAILED REVIEWOverviewSo, first off, I can’t test this caliper for accuracy because I do not have certified “gauge blocks.”However, I did measure two different types of button batteries, and according to the tolerance and dimension of those batteries, the calipers measured accurately.✅ CR2032 battery 3.2mm height (tolerance +- .25mm)--Measured at: 3.11✅ 312 hearing aid battery: 3.6mm height (unknown tolerance, but most are +/- .15mm-.25mm)--Measured at: 3.45These are very heavy and thick calipers. They roll easily and do not bind. All tolerances seem extremely tight. However, please consider that professional digital calipers can cost you $1000.00 to $2000.00.Layout and battery placement is well done. It comes in a nice carry box, as it should.They have a "zero" function. You shut them all of the way, and push the "zero" button.I really don't know what else I can say, unless I were a machinist using high dollar calipers, and I’m not. They seem like the real deal, thick, smooth movement, and if you bought certified gauge blocks, you would see how accurate they really are.I also cannot comment on accuracy over time.POSITIVES✅ Seems to be high tolerance and works smoothly. Measured batteries to the battery tolerance accurately.NEGATIVES❌ None.CONCLUSION AND FINAL THOUGHTSI can’t test these calipers without certified gauge blocks, and I do not own gauge blocks. What I can say is that this product is very thick, both on the caliper side and the rule slide. They seem very well made, and measured two different button cell batteries to the battery specifications and tolerances accurately. It comes with a solid plastic carry case, and has a zero-out function.This product met my expectations.

Single best feature AUTO-ON!

I have used dial calipers for the past 20 years. Starett is the gold standard, followed by Mitutoyo. I have used both, and was taught how to use calipers by my uncle who's been a machinist for over 50 years. I have always stayed away from digital measurement devices, mainly for the mechanical robustness, but also for not needing a battery. Well times have changed, and I'm an electrical (not mechanical) engineer, so this is the first set of digital calipers I own!Observations: I thought the stainless steel construction was a nice feature. The IP54 rating was appealing, but after taking out the battery tray (also a nice feature), I am suspect of the IP54 rating because there is no seal (and that goes right to the battery). I stuck a piece of blue tape over it to keep dust and moisture out.AUTO-ON: I checked the other reviews, as well as the sales page, there is no reference to the AUTO-ON feature. I discovered it by accident when I pulled it out of the case and opened it, and it turned on. I took a video showing this very cool feature. After I shot the video, I tested one other thing, if shut OFF while open, would the caliper turn back on (it does), and does it remember it's location (it should, and does). The sale page does mentioned a five minute auto OFF feature.Recommendations: 1) So that great auto-ON feature has a down side, if you leave it unlocked in the case, and jiggle it around to get the calipers to bump open, it will turn on (and shut off after five minutes). One thing you can do protect against turn on accidentally is to lock with the thumb screw. 2) I trimmed the cardboard on the spare battery and stuck it near the hinge. I also cut a small slot and stuck the screwdriver in there so that it would not get lost (both shown in a pic).Pros: Great fit & finish; smooth operation (compared to Starett and Mitutoyo); auto-ON/OFF function; display is easy to read; extra battery and mini screwdriver included; nice/functional case.

Mr and Mrs Harvey
Calibrated accurately from the factory and solid construction!

I choose this item for the solid metal construction and battery door configuration. I wasn’t too thrilled with the blue color but you can’t have it all.Out of the box it was wrapped in corrosion resistant paper in the plastic case. The plastic case is a but cheap but again for the price can’t complain.The caliper itself is solid. I was surprised at how heavy and solid it felt. Moving the jaws back and forth resulted in accurate readings always going back to 0 with jaws closed.With jaws closed and holding it against light parallelism was excellent with no gaps or deviation.The real test is accuracy. Using a NIST calibrated Mitutuyo block the reading was accurate with no error. Very satisfied.Great buy and recommended!

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