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INDESTRUCTIBLE DISC 2.0 - Cut everything in seconds

INDESTRUCTIBLE DISC 2.0 - Cut everything in seconds

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Cuts everything in seconds!

I am excited!

"A friend recommended the Indestructible Disc to me. Now I don't have to keep changing the disc. The Indestructible Disc cuts cleanly through all materials and always stays sharp!"

"I will never use a conventional disc again."

Patrik B.

Conventional cut-off discs break quickly and cut poorly. Our Indestructible Disc 2.0 solves this problem.
It's extremely durable and cuts anything in seconds, no matter the material.


The diamond steel of the Indestructible Disc Lasts 15 times longer than conventional cutting discs. The diameter always remains the same and you have no abrasion. You get clean, thin and precise cuts.

The cutting speed is high and the cut is flat. Whether you are cutting metal, wood, granite, stone, tile or glass, there is much less dust and sparks. No chipping
or nasty smell, you 
cut everything in half the time.

Improve your tool.

Why settle for something bad. The Indestructible Disc is an absolute professional tool that gives your tool a real upgrade. It is sharp, indestructible, cut and wear resistant.

Chip-free cutting for PRECISE cuts.

Easy to use:

The Indestructible Disc is designed to be used with angle grinder, it is easy to install and use. Can be used with the requirements of dry / wet cutting and long continuous cuts.

Fits all angle grinders

No matter if you use Makita, Metabo, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Ryobi, Bosch, Milwaukee, Craftsman and many more. The Indestructible Disc 2.0 is standardized to fit all of them and you can use it without any problems.

Only a few in stock
Perfect for any material cut - Working on a project is made easier with smooth cuts.
No more chips - The Indestructible Disc 2.0 is chip free with a 1mm ultra thin saw blade that will not damage the surface of the object.
Get it before the stock runs out by clicking "ADD TO CART" above.

100% Money back guarantee.

We are 100% confident our products and offer a 30-day risk-free exchange guarantee on all our products.

Disclaimer: Never grind sideways, twist, drop or jam. Never use on pistol grip air grinders or High Speed Gas Saws. Use machine guards and flanges for 1/41 type wheels. Never exceed MAX speed. Use proper eye, hand, face and respiratory protection. Do not use discs that are damaged. Comply with OSHA, ANSI B7.1 and the Safety Guide. Contact the manufacturer for this free information or use our Safety Warnings Site. Failure to do so may result in injury or death. Please read our Safety Warnings carefully, to find them.

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