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Raydexlights RD116 Smart Digital Multimeter

Raydexlights RD116 Smart Digital Multimeter

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Smart Mode: RD116 multimeter defaults to Smart Mode. In Smart Mode, the meter can test automatically voltage, resistance, and continuity. It can identify fast the measurement content and selects the range with the best resolution, you don’t need to do anything extra!

Upgraded Display: The voltmeter with a large LCD color screen, and flashlight for easy reading even in bright or dim places. And the voltmeter can display an analog bar, real-time temperature, low battery prompt, and damaged fuse prompt.

Multiple Functions: Raydexlights digital multimeter RD116 can accurately measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, and 10A current, and can also be used to test continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, diode, temperature, NCV, and live wire. With this smart digital voltmeter, you can solve industrial, vehicle, and household electrical problems.

Ensure Safety: (1) The multimeter is certified with CE and RoHS. (2) The design and manufacture of the instrument strictly comply with IEC61010-1 CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V overvoltage safety standards, and pollution level two. (3) The silicone cover can protect the multimeter from wear and electric shock. (4) The dual ceramic fuses, which have anti-burn and overload protection functions, can effectively protect the multimeter.

Quality Service: Raydexlights provides free shipping, 30 days return, 3-year after-sales service, and lifetime technical support for this item.

Easy Switch Between Smart & Manual Mode

Press 'FUNC' button to turn on manual mode. Press and hold to switch back to SMART mode, In the SMART mode, the meter can test DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, continuity.

As an auto-ranging digital multimeter, RD116 is designed to be smarter and more user-friendly than a traditional multimeter.

LED Lightning Jacks

The light above the corresponding jack will flash intelligently to help you insert the test leads.

Multiple Functions

It can be used to test continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, diode, temperature, NCV, and live wire.

Portable & Best Size Design

Larger display screen - 3.54 inch, RD116 smart multimeter is designed to portable size (total 6.5 inches) for easy carrying.

The built-in flashlight is a great touch and the big lighted display is easy on the eyes.

What Do You Get?

1 x Raydexlights RD116 Multimeter
2 x Test Leads
1 x K-Type Thermocouple
1 x User Manual
1 x Multimeter Bag
1 x Packing Box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gavin Symington

Great piece of equipment

A very nice meter

I own 7 multimeters that I use for various tests and inspections for my work. I am always on the lookout for a meter that is compact but is easy to read and does a lot. THIS is the meter! I tested this meter against my high end Fluke meter and it matches up exactly. They give you two sets of batteries, and two different pairs of leads, probe and thermocouple probe for temperature. The carrying case is very nice. Yes, the readout is as bright as you see in the advertisement, as you can see from my photos. The Smart auto mode is great. This meter is the size of my iPhone yet does so much. The only design change I would make is to mold a side guard into the power switch at the top of the meter. If you pack it into a bag, the power switch may turn on accidentally. Fortunately, if the meter is not in use, it will turn off automatically after 15 minutes. For the price and features, I highly recommend this meter. It went into my inspection bag and will be my primary meter.

One of the best portable DMM in the market

This DMM is very handy, almost feels like my cell phone both in size and thickness. The red surface is the cover that you have to take it off to install the battery. Screen is bright and rendering information large enough. The default auto scale is pretty handy so you don't have to worries about the what is under measure and what's the right range as long as you plug the red probe into the corresponding channel. One neat thing I have to mention is that the probe has a little cover that you can screw it off to have longer metal tip, this is pretty helpful when probing something deep. BTW there is also a built in flash light which could be very useful when probing under dark environment. I would strongly recommend this DMM.

Paul A Pongratz
All in one solution for electrical/electronics work - great for field service!

It takes 3 separate meters from my tool bag to do what this one can. This useful tool measures just about every parameter that I commonly need to know and a few extras that are certainly nice to have. The included thermocouple is one of those extras! From capacitance and resistance to near field voltage detection, this meter has it covered.Included are a nice clamshell case, two sets of batteries, a set of test leads and the aforementioned thermocouple cable. If you service industrial electrical equipment as I do, you'll understand the usefulness of this meter. I compared it to one of my Fluke meters, observing a voltage detection variance of -.003 volts when measuring DC - plenty good for the PLCs and controllers I have to deal with.The auto detection/auto ranging function is great for the initial measurement while troubleshooting and fortunately the scales and resolution are selectable for getting down to the right of the decimal! Really a great meter at a great price point. Technicians out there...get your hands on this device!You wont be disappointed.

J. Brewer
Accurate and very easy to use. Probes could be better.

Overall I think this is an excellent multimeter. It has everything I need and more (for future projects.) I mostly use this meter to measure amps, volts, and ohms on solar setups and for this it has done incredibly well for me thus far. I'm currently using it to check over a vintage stereo amplifier.The auto function built in has worked very well for me so far and saves a bit of time over having to select my mode manually. The included case is actually a great plus as it contains everything nicely. The screen is easily readable and it can be read in direct sunlight without issue.My only gripe with this multimeter is with the probes. First off I think the cords could be longer. They are just a bit short and inconvenient for certain circumstances. Having a bit of slack would be nice, especially when testing solar systems. Secondly, the metal tips on the probes are very short and don't protrude from the plastic enclosure very far. This makes it difficult to place them when working in very tight places. I haven't had a situation where they didn't work for me (yet) but there have been some close calls.Overall, I'd very happily recommend this multimeter. It has so many functions, performs them accurately and quickly (thanks to auto-mode), and it is compact. It offers an amazing value too! The probes could be a bit longer but at this price point I don't think it's a huge issue as they can be easily replaced.

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