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RD206D AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter

RD206D AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter

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Application in automobile repair, DIY, etc.

True-RMS clamp meter: This clamp meter can accurately measure AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Frequency or Duty Cycle, Resistance, Capacitance and also provides Diode, Continuity and Temperature tests. True RMS for accurate measurements on non-linear loads. Easy to use for labs factories and household.

LowZ & LPF: Low input impedance helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage. Low Pass Filter (LPF) for accurate measurement of variable frequency drive signals when measuring motors and transformer. To measure the current you need to clamp the meter around one of the wires and not the whole power cord.

NCV Detection Function: Non-contact voltage detection effectively check electrical status through measuring EM field intensity without touching any wires; The NCV button lies on the right side. Simply place your thumb on it and push.

Multi-function: Two-color backlit LCD Display - When the voltage > 80V, the current > 3A, the LCD backlit screen turns red to warn you of high voltage/ LED Flashlight / Temperature Measurement for liquids and air conditioning ports included K-Type Thermocouple / Low Battery Indication / Auto power off after 15 minutes inactivity.

Safety Service: Safety standard IEC 61010-1, CAT III 600V. Double insulation. 24 Months product service provided. 7/24 Customer Service.

Press the "Z/F" button to swith to AC Measurement


If current> 3A, the orange display lights up.

The measuring range of DC current is 60A/600A. Accuracy: ±(2.5%+5).

Jaw Design

The Jaw is marked with maximum voltage and current measured value. Suitable for one-hand operation.

Weight & Size

Weight :260g. Size: 7.5 x 2.8 x1.3 inches.

Small and light, easy to carry when working.

Packing List

1 x RD206D Digital Clamp Meter
1 x Test Leads (Pair)
1 x Thermocouples (Pair)
1 x User Manual
1 x Carrying Bag

Z/F Button Measurement

Press the "Z/F" button to switch the respective secondary function between the different measurements such as between AC and DC

Automatic Shutdown

No operation in 15 minutes, the clamp meter beeps 3 times. Without further operation, it beeps again and switches off automatically.


Accurately measure resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity. Easy to use in laboratory factories and homes.


Before measuring the DC current, long-press and hold the Z/F key until the ZERO character appears to clear the data.

To measure the current you need to clamp the meter around one of the wires and not the whole power cord. The power cord contains two wires carrying current and ground wire. The current in two wires always flows in opposite directions, so the magnetic fields from two wires canceling each other, therefore the meter reads 0 A.

Grasp the individual current conductor to be measured and close the current clamp again. The measured conductor must be placed in the center of the clamp, otherwise, additional errors will occur.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
J. Hulstein
Good value

I was very leery, but this seems to be a good value for general use around the house. Of course the first thing I did was test the continuity of the leads, there is no beep function. It doesn't immediately read ~0 like a fluke would. It takes several seconds to stabilize, so bear that in mind. I tested the voltage of my wall outlets next, and it worked. The amp clamp was then used to test the house power at the panel. It seems to read a little low, but I have no idea how much current my furnace actually uses, only what it is rated for. I've gotten inconsistent results trying to test the amperage of smaller wires with less current draw. I'm not sure if it is the proximity to other wires, but I did correctly attempt to read from the individual hot wire. Temperature probe reads the same as my thermostat. The no contact voltage is kind of annoying since you have to move it slowly towards the wire you want to read, but it works. Minor gripe, but I wish it had individual selections for AC/DC, but you have to toggle between with a button. This is similar to the cheaper flukes as well, so take it with a grain of salt.

Mark V.
A meter that does a lot

Seems to be a very good value for the money

Mike agents
Good meter

Easy to use when testing, voltage, contiguity and or ohms

Nice little meter

Nice little meter. Price was right and it does the job.

spot on accurate

Does every thing it's supposed to. Very accurate, nicely built,excellent value.

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